Our Story

18 years ago, Farid K Popal will take his lovely wife for a long drive to a small store where they would buy local, organic or natural eatable goods. These long winding trips become more and more common and desirous when one and then two and three darling Boys constituted the Popal Family. By the time the boys became 3, 5 and 7 years old, Farid was appointed Diplomat and the family moved to London, United Kingdom. The following 3 and a half years exposed the Popals to the European eating traditions and values. By 2010 when the family returned back to the United States, Seattle had many stores where one could buy organic and natural goods. However, it was costly and not everyone could afford to buy healthy and nutritious food. In 2012, a Canadian Artesian bottled water company asked Farid to help them brand and market their bottle water. Farid was well suited for the task as he is very health conscious and his network of business colleagues stretch around the world. Soon a California-based Czech Republic businessman asked Farid for advice and partnership on selling Hungarian water from the infamous Balfi source. In 2015, Farid returned to Ukraine where he went to college 25 years earlier. Farid’s consulting business, mentoring Senior Public and Private sector leaders kept him busy travelling the world. These travel opportunities were fueling Farid’s passion for great natural and organic goods and his desire to make it available to people at irresistible prices. Z i v o n is the result of this authentic passion and genuine desire.